ATE Insurance Specialists

One-off ATE insurance for commercial litigation is becoming increasingly popular with those litigators who have recognised that it is an important weapon in their armoury, allowing their client the freedom to pursue litigation with the reassurance of costs cover.

When discussing funding options with commercial clients, raising the option of ATE cover offers reassurance that their interests are being looked after and ensures compliance with the relevant codes of conduct.

ATE is a way to facilitate a method of controlling the potential costs involved in ligation risks. This can often be a significant barrier to overcome when clients are considering embarking on any kind of litigation.

At Abbey Legal we only have legally qualified risk assessors. This allows us to really understand each individually assessed case on its own merits, as it is being considered by people with appropriate training and experience.

We tailor all aspects of each policy specifically to the individual risk. This ensures that you to have exactly the right cover for your client’s needs. We can offer staged premiums, conditional premiums and retrospective terms.

Costs protection cover is available for a wide range of risks and premiums can be offered on a contingent basis. This means the premium is payable only in the event of a successful outcome.

Typically an ATE premium will range from 25% – 60% of the sum insured, dependant on the circumstances of the case. As well as contingency there will usually be rebating stages factored into any premium to encourage early settlement.

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